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Body Shop Massage of Lynchburg - David Dalton
About Me
I am David Dalton, a certified massage therapist in Lynchburg, VA. I am a male massage therapist who works on both male and female clients. I have extensive experience in massage therapy, including deep tissue, relaxation and sports massage. Call or email me to schedule an appointment. I’ll assess your needs and a treatment plan that suits you.
Phone:    434-851-2140
Mission Statement
Whether it's from a job or finances or family life, stress takes a toll and causes muscles to tense up, jaws to clench, and backs to ache. Massage and bodywork calms the nervous system, promotes circulation, eases muscle strains and constrictions causing pain, and helps to still the racing thoughts that cause muscles to tense up in the first place. This helps the whole body to progress to a point of homeostasis (balance). I offer individualized massages and bodywork for each problem my client is experiencing. Every session is totally different. It's my great joy to bring an eclectic toolkit of bodywork techniques to the massage table that fits your needs and promotes healing.
I believe that learning massage techniques is just the beginning. An understanding of the science and anatomy of the human body is essential. It's also important to continue to learn through advanced training courses and workshops throughout one's career as a massage and bodywork therapist. My education began with a Diploma of Massage Therapy from Miller Motte Technical College in Lynchburg, Virginia. I continue to attend advanced workshops and training courses in various disciplines in order to better serve my clients.
20370-A Timberlake Road   •   Lynchburg, VA  24502   •   434-851-2140
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